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The COVID pandemic had just begun, the city on lockdown, unemployment soaring, the world was seemingly going to an end. So we did what anyone else would do, purchase multiple tarantulas!  

We searched for acceptable enclosures. A local pet store sold us an acrylic cube. It was crystal clear, lightweight and seemed perfect. They even drilled holes for us. Although uneven, the holes provided adequate ventilation. However within two weeks the enclosure began to fall apart. This was NOT acceptable. A quick google search did not result in any readily available enclosures, so we decided to roll up our sleeves and take matters into our own hands. We built our first prototype, engraved it for good measure and the rest is history.


Welcome to Tarantula Cribs. 


IMG_4809 copy.jpg
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After significant demand from our neighbors to the north, we teamed up with our family from Ontario and opened a 100% Canadian run small business. We are starting with limited inventory and plan to grow!

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